6 Places to Find Internship and Job Listings

A to-do list in notebook says apply for internship, update resume, set up meeting w/ career development services. Phone on notebook shows Gmail app opened with newsletters from Hunter Theatre, CUNY Career Services, Hunter Art Department, Hunter Film & Media, Hunter Journalism and Working NYC.
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Internships give students opportunities to get part-time and sometimes paid experience in their field of interest. Hunter students benefit from the fact that in New York City, lots of internships are offered both remotely and in person every summer, fall and spring. While some may be unpaid, Hunter offers financing, like the Office of the Arts internship award and the Care for the Future award, that students can apply for to receive large stipends for unpaid internships. There are lots of places for Hunter students to find internship and job listings particular to their interests. Here are just six of them.

Hunter Symplicity – Symplicity is the main website Hunter uses to share internship and job opportunities in a wide variety of fields. You can also find a list of upcoming events, including career fairs, hosted by Hunter’s Career Development Services. Log into Symplicity here.

CUNY Brief – This newsletter contains internship and job listings across various fields, and each issue spotlights one student or graduate who is accomplishing things in their field who other students can connect with. CUNY students should receive this newsletter in their CUNY email automatically.

CUNY Career Opportunities – This weekly newsletter allows recipients to choose what opportunities they’re interested in learning about. The options are business, digital marketing, finance, health, government/nonprofit and technology. Sign up here.

Working NYC – This newsletter includes opportunities for jobs and career development to help the city recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The August 26 issue featured opportunities to join the city’s Cleanup Corps. Sign up for the newsletter here.

Pre-professional newsletters – Though pre-professional email lists are intended for pre-professional students, other students with intersecting interests might also find them useful. The pre-law emails, for example, contain opportunities that students interested in government, politics and policy might want to apply for even if they’re not pre-law. The Cooperman Business Center, Office of the Arts, film and media department, journalism department, pre-health office and upcoming pre-tech career center also have newsletters. In addition to internship opportunities, these newsletters tend to include student, alumni and faculty news and non-work-related resources and opportunities.

Your major department – Depending on what you major in, that department’s website may include job and internships listings particular to that area of study. Check out your major’s department website and the websites of other departments that interest you. Check to see if your department has an email list you can join, since you might not have been automatically added to it when you declared your major or minor.

If an opportunity appears on one of the above newsletters or websites, with the exception of Working NYC, it often means that the company is trying to recruit CUNY or Hunter students. So if you see something you want, set up a meeting with CDS to look over your application, and don’t be afraid to shoot your shot.

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