Hunter Campus Welcomes In-Person Classes on Wednesday: Here’s a Sneak Peek

After nearly 18 months of majority-online classes and stringent limitations on who can enter the campus, Hunter College is finally opening its doors to students. Those taking in-person classes will be expected to show up. Other students can enter campus with proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.

The Envoy visited Hunter on the eve of its reopening to document new developments and familiar sights. If you’re heading to campus, here’s what to expect.

Students who have their vaccination proof approved on CUNYFirst can enter through all entrances using their Hunter ID. Other students and guests must enter through the West building main entrance. 

There is scaffolding at the West building main entrance, at the corner of 68th and Lexington, which makes the plaza less open and the doors harder to find. The North building’s 68th Street entrance also has scaffolding. 

The Hunter College subway station under scaffolding.
Scaffolding outside of the West building entrance at 68th Street and Lexington Avenue. Photo by Rachel Zhang.

The study areas near the West building escalators have been renovated to include new couches, chairs and desks.

Hunter College East building 6th floor renovated study area with red couches. There is a sign with pictures of the same area before renovation showing that it used to have just a few chairs.
6th floor study area. Photo on left shows the study area before renovation. Photo by Rachel Zhang.

The cafeteria and other dining areas will be available to students on a “first-come, first-serve basis,” according to Hunter’s “Focus on Campus” plan. The capacities for this room and other rooms at Hunter are still unclear. The cash registers in the cafeteria have been removed.

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Hunter College cafeteria. Empty area of the windowed room.
The corner of the cafeteria that used to have cash registers is now empty. Photo by Rachel Zhang.

Water fountain spouts are covered as a precautionary measure, but bottle refill stations are available.

The World Cup Café will resume operations, according to Hunter’s “Focus on Campus” plan. For now, the campus library location is still not operating.

The World Cup Café in Hunter’s East Building. Photo by Rachel Zhang.

There are fewer chairs in the third floor reading room. Most tables have a pack of disinfecting wipes.

The Anne Spitzer Reading Room in the third floor of the library. Photo by Rachel Zhang.

The fourth floor is still designated for group study, with lots of chairs and tables. 

Hunter College library's fourth floor. A group study area with chairs and tables.
The fourth floor of the library. Photo by Rachel Zhang.

The fifth floor is still closed for renovation. This floor has been closed to students for three years.

Through the crack of a door, the fifth floor of the Hunter College library. Inside is construction equipment and scaffolding.
The fifth floor of the library, seen through a narrow door opening. Photo by Rachel Zhang.

Most classrooms are locked, but a peek inside one classroom window shows a crowd of desks.

A classroom on the seventh floor of Hunter College's West building. Inside are many desks positioned closely together.
A classroom on the seventh floor of the West building. Photo by Rachel Zhang.

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