Christopher Scott Krietchman

Health and wellness leader Christopher Scott Krietchman is among several mayoral candidates who responded to The Envoy’s survey on CUNY policy. The following are Krietchman’s raw answers to the survey. To read the article summarizing and explaining the mayoral candidates’ survey responses, click here.

1. What role do you believe the city and state should play in funding community colleges? Should such colleges be tuition-free?

Yes. I believe that city and state colleges should be free. I believe that they should play a very active role as funders ONLY – without influencing the curriculums. I feel that we can generate revenue for CUNY and SUNY through alternative means of funding through fresh new ideas.

2. What role do you believe the state should play in funding senior colleges? Should such colleges be tuition-free?

Yes. I believe that these colleges should be tuition free. Similar ideas apply here. I believe that the city and state should be funding these colleges. However, education should be left to the scholastics, and not those funding these programs.

3. How would you expand job opportunities for CUNY students and graduates?

When you look at the 19 different agencies that NYC has, having people who work for the City with CUNY backgrounds should get a priority in opportunities. I would also love to create a program which also fast tracks local city business to hire graduates.

4. Would you expand mental health and wellness funding and services for CUNY students? If so, how?

Yes. This is a top priority for me. We should be hitting alternative sources of funding from the private sectors and big companies rather than public health funds, which are already scarce. I would also create a platform for CUNY students which connects them to the wellness and mental health services around the city based on fitness, meditation, and mindfulness.

I am also extremely adamant about increasing the financial and civic literacy to help improve stress.

5. How would you support CUNY students experiencing food and/or housing insecurity?

Considering my background of owning a daily meal delivery program, I would work with restaurants and grocery stores to create a new platform which connects students to order food, which is funded by the city. Students would get these meals for free if they qualify, or they could use it as a voucher program. As for housing insecurity, I believe that community college students should get lower renting rates, and expedited access to affordable housing options.

6. How would you decide who to appoint to the CUNY board of trustees?

I’d look at it from a position of social impact; diversity, inclusion and equity. Assessing who really stands in the community for proper education and investment in the future of these students; as they are the future of NYC. 

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