Hunter Updates CR/NC Grading Policy for Fall Semester

Hunter College updated its Fall 2020 credit/no credit policy earlier this month. From Dec. 24 to Jan. 12, students can change grades ranging from B+ to D to “credit” and change an F grade to “no credit.” Neither credit nor no credit grades will be factored into a student’s GPA. 

While this semester’s policy is similar to the flexible credit/no credit policy that CUNY implemented in the spring as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the main difference is that Hunter will now exclude certain courses from this policy. 

When CUNY did not officially extend its flexible policy to the summer or fall semesters, some colleges returned to the pre-pandemic rules. Some students advocated against that return, some even petitioning CUNY to again enact some sort of alternative because the pandemic is still affecting students’ abilities to do well.

CUNY allowed each of its 25 colleges until Dec. 11 to choose one of three ways it would extend the flexible policy to the fall semester. While Hunter chose CUNY’s second option, colleges could have selected option one. Under option one, colleges would repeat the spring semester policy entirely, allowing students to use credit/no credit for any or all of their courses.

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Regardless of the option chosen, all CUNY colleges must respect the transfer and admissions portions of the spring policy. All colleges must still allow incoming students with credit/no credit grades to transfer their courses. CUNY graduate school admissions will also again not penalize students who have pass or credit grades for courses taken in semesters that were affected by the pandemic.

Hunter’s pre-pandemic rules gave students until the first day of the 13th week of classes to submit a credit/no credit form. The administration did not respond to a request for comment about whether students can reverse their decision if they’ve already opted for credit/no credit by the college’s usual deadline.

In an email sent to students on Dec 16, Hunter dean Eija Ayravainen urged them to be cautious when opting for credit/no credit.

“While a CR/NC grade may seem advantageous, it often may not be your best option,” she said, adding that colleges, scholarships and other third parties outside of CUNY may interpret those grades in their own way.

As a solution, she says that students should consult with their academic advisors before making a decision.

Students can view the full list of courses that are excluded from credit/no credit here and more details regarding the policy here.

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