Hunter VSA Hosts Annual Halloween Party Online

With most classes online and in-person club meetings not feasible, the Halloween spirit still persevered on Friday at the Vietnamese Student Association’s virtual event. While a Zoom meeting did not immediately come across as an ideal environment to host a holiday party, the club’s executive board found various ways to break the ice in order to celebrate Halloween online. 

The night kicked off with a costume contest. Each participant got up to share their costume and made their case for a vote to win the prize of a boba box. Members showed up in costumes ranging from many different characters from the online game Among Us to various cat onesies and even a pirate with an eyepatch. Then, each costume-wearer made a case for votes, filled with puns and lighthearted humor.

After the costume contest, members were tasked with completing an interactive online escape room activity where they were grouped into teams of seven. Each team had to finish a series of mini-games in order to escape the room. The games were Halloween-themed and allowed the students to get to know each other as they vied for virtual victory. The first thing members were tasked with was decoding a series of dots on the screen, which turned out to be a braille Vietnamese word, con ma, meaning “ghost.” Then, students solved two different puzzles, which required cooperation within the entire group. At the end of the night, the student dressed up as the cyan Among Us character was announced as the winner of the costume contest. 

VSA president Theresa Vu dressed up as Shego from the animated show Kim Possible. Photo courtesy of Theresa Vu

“Although it’s been a challenge, I love being President, working with my Eboard, and creating fun, creative events for Hunter students and VSA members,” said VSA president Theresa Vu via messenger. “Despite going virtual, we have discovered ways to connect the Vietnamese culture and people that I consider family.” In previous years, the VSA has hosted other Halloween-themed events, including Horror Fest in 2019 and Vietnamese Psychic Night in 2018.

The VSA will hold a summit this Saturday, Nov. 6 that will feature a discourse on the evolution of the Vietnamese-American identity and celebrate the union of all of the VSA chapters in the Northeast. Readers interested in this and other VSA events can find the club on Instagram @huntervsa.

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