Students Share Thanksgiving Plans and Memories

As midterms come to an end, Hunter students are counting down to Thanksgiving. They are ready to close their textbooks and spend time with family. Here, students share their Thanksgiving plans with The Envoy:

“I’m from Georgia, so for Thanksgiving I go back because all my family is there. We have a big get-together at my grandma’s house, or at one of my aunts’. The sweet potato pie is something I look forward to every year.”

Isaiah Wilson, Freshman

“For Thanksgiving this year, I’m going to go to the restaurant I work at for dinner because my mom is going to be away, and I don’t know how to make turkey by myself. Usually we all gather for Thanksgiving, but it’s different this year because everyone’s busy.”

Cassey Pantazzi, Sophomore
Thanksgiving Dinner made by Cassey Pantazzi and her mom in 2017. Photo courtesy of Cassey Pantazzi

★ ★ ★

“I usually go to my uncle and aunt’s house and we have Thanksgiving dinner with everybody. Everyone brings a dish, but my aunt does most of the cooking. We always have mac and cheese and turkey of course.”

Obinna Onaga, Junior

“I usually spend Thanksgiving Day with my family and we do the whole traditional thing. Then on the weekend of Thanksgiving, I host Friendsgiving, which is Thanksgiving… but with your friends.”

Sonali Dongerkery, Senior

“There are no major plans this year. But usually we either have Thanksgiving at our house or a family friend’s house. Either way, every year we all gather and have a big feast. It’s tradition. We have a big, fat turkey and my mom makes an Olivier salad. It’s a Soviet thing.”

Mariam Barbakadze, Sophomore

“My mom hosts Thanksgiving every year and we invite all our family and all of their in-laws. Everyone who is married brings their in-laws. We get a huge turnout and every year it’s more and more, every time someone gets married. The food is a mix of American cuisine and Bosnian cuisine. So we’ll have the turkey and stuffing, but also traditional dishes. Another tradition that we have is we go to Woodbury Commons to shop.”

Elma Basic, Junior
Thanksgiving desserts made by Elma Basic. Photo courtesy of Elma Basic

★ ★ ★

Two students spoke about their favorite Thanksgiving and the memories they made together:

“My favorite Thanksgiving was when I went to the Poconos with my best friend Anna. We spent most of the time inside the house, either cooking together or playing board games. We made dinosaur egg oatmeal in the morning. That was the best Thanksgiving I ever had because I got to get away from school and responsibilities for a little bit and spend a nice, relaxed, cozy weekend with my best friend and her family. The house was cozy, the dinner was huge and delicious, and the conversations that we had at the dinner table were genuine and emotional, so it made that Thanksgiving special. Shoutout to her mom for inviting me. That day, I met my dad’s childhood best friend, who turned out to be Anna’s mom’s friend as well. What a small world!”

Natia Ramishvili, Junior

“Everyone who was there had some sort of story of their own, though we weren’t all blood related. They were family friends but it felt like we were a big family. Also, it was great to share that experience with my best friend because she also felt like she was a part of the family. I remember my mom was telling stories about her life and everyone, including Natia, was crying.”

Anna Pirtskhalaishvili, Junior
Anna Pirtskhalaishvili and Natia Ramishvili, Thanksgiving 2016. Photo courtesy of Anna Pirtskhalaishvili

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