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Dear readers,

When I got to Hunter just over a year ago, The Envoy had been totally inactive for a year. As an aspiring journalist, I’d been hoping to write for the school newspaper, but given that there was none, I decided that I would just have to write for different outlets and apply for journalism internships.

Since then, I’ve met hundreds of classmates: from my Macaulay cohort, my residence hall and Hunter’s athletic community. The more people I meet, the more I am amazed by how much Hunter students care about politics and social issues, including at the local level.

And yet, it’s difficult to take action on an issue if there’s no reliable reporting on it, or if you don’t even know about it. Issues like the shutting down of the sex fair and the questionability of last year’s USG elections, for example, struck me as things more students ought to know about.

It was that thinking that motivated me to lead the revival of The Envoy. For the past few months, I’ve been working hard alongside a team of passionate editors, writers and other folks to bring this project to life. 

We hope that you read every word of it and come to the conclusion that it matters. Hunter matters, New York City matters, and — to state the basic premise of The Envoy — you, the students, matter.

Now go read,

Lauren Hakimi 

Editor-in-Chief, The Envoy

Editors of The Envoy. Left to right: Marissa Cronin, Orchida Harizaj, Lauren Hakimi, Afia Eama. Not pictured: Rachel Feldman

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